Six Things To Know About Making Spiral Freezers More Efficient

Spiral freezers are essential equipment pieces at many industrial and manufacturing facilities. If you rely on spiral freezers for everyday operations at your facilities, then you should focus on making your spiral freezers more efficient.

The following are six things to know about making spiral freezers more efficient. 

Improving spiral freezer efficiency can save industrial and manufacturing companies lots of money.

Spiral freezers generally consume a lot of energy. They contribute to overhead costs at industrial facilities. Making spiral freezers more efficient can potentially save industrial and manufacturing companies a lot of money. 

If you're looking for ways to boost profits at your company, you should take a critical look at spiral freezer use and operation. It's possible that some simple adjustments to your spiral freezer equipment can make a big difference for your company's bottom line. 

One simple way to improve spiral freezer efficiency is to fill freezers to capacity.

You might be using multiple spiral freezers at your company facilities. If this is the case, you should consider whether spiral freezers are routinely filled to capacity.

If you're using multiple freezers and they're not filled to capacity often even during peak operations, you might want to consider shutting down some of your freezer equipment when not in use. Underuse of spiral freezers is one of the most common causes of wasted energy and reduced efficiency.   

Variable speed drives can make spiral freezers more efficient.

You might be able to make some mechanical upgrades to your spiral freezers that will make them more efficient. When it comes to your spiral freezer fans, consider the advantages of having variable speed drives installed. 

Variable speed drives adjust the speed of the freezer motor for maximum efficiency rather than operating at one speed at all times. 

Too many defrost cycles can reduce efficiency.

It's important to carefully monitor the defrost cycles that your spiral freezers are going through if you want to improve efficiency. An excessive number of defrost cycles typically means that some energy is wasted as a result of accumulated ice building up on spiral freezer equipment. 

If defrost cycles are reducing your spiral freezer efficiency, you might be able to have faulty relays repaired or advanced sensors installed that will prevent this problem in the future. 

Maximum fan speed should be lowered when possible.

Spiral freezer fan speed can have a big impact on efficiency. If you're freezing lighter products, a lower freezer fan speed will probably be adequate and will ensure improved efficiency over higher fan speeds. 

Remember what a spiral freezer's purpose is.

Spiral freezers should only be used to quickly freeze products or items initially before they are moved into storage. You should not be using a spiral freezer for any other purposes. Don't store frozen items in your spiral freezer after they've been processed and frozen. 

For more information on spiral freezer systems, contact a company near you.