4 Consumer Applications For LDPE Plastics

The invention of plastic has revolutionized society. Plastic materials can be found in almost every consumer product or package available on the market today. While plastics as a whole are very common, there are unique subcategories of plastics that have targeted and specific uses. One of these unique plastics is referred to as low-density polyethylene, or LDPE.

LDPE sheets can be transformed into special plastic products with important uses. Here are four of the most widely recognized applications for LDPE plastics in today's consumer market.

1. Wire and Cable Sheathing

Many people overlook the electrical industry when discussing the applications of plastic products. The fact of the matter is that LDPE plastics can be found throughout the electrical industry.

LDPE plastic is a great choice for the sheathing found protecting electrical wires and cables. The molecular design of LDPE prevents this plastic from being able to conduct electricity. LDPE's low electrical conductivity means that electrical wires and cables are unable to emit stray currents of electricity when they are sheathed with LDPE plastics. Electrical manufacturers use LDPE plastics to sheath both low and high-voltage transmission wires and cables. The LDPE sheathing protects anyone handling the wires and cables against electrocution.

2. Plumbing Pipes and Fittings

Plumbing pipes and fittings used to be made from cast iron, brass, or other metal alloys. Thanks to the invention of plastics, pipes and fittings can now be manufactured using LDPE sheets. LDPE is perfectly suited for use in the plumbing industry.

LDPE plastics have virtually no water absorption rate. This means that they will not allow the transfer of water between the interior and exterior surfaces of a pipe or fitting. It's rare for LDPE pipes and fittings to leak when they are installed properly due to their extremely low water absorption rate.

LDPE is an extremely lightweight material. This lightweight nature makes it easier for plumbers to handle the pipes and fittings made from LDPE sheets when working on major plumbing projects.

3. Consumer Products

The low-density structure of LDPE molecules allows LDPE plastics to be extremely flexible. LDPE plastics also have a low tensile strength, which allows them to be molded and formed with ease. These properties make LDPE sheets suitable for use in the manufacturing of a wide range of products that consumers utilize on a daily basis.

Trash bags, lamination film, and shrink wrap are all manufactured from LDPE sheets. These plastic items are flexible enough to serve their intended purpose, yet durable enough to retain their integrity when pulled or stretched.

4. Consumer Packaging

Perhaps the most widely known application of LDPE plastics is in the creation of consumer packaging. Most of the products that are bought on a daily basis are packaged using LDPE films.

Some LDPE plastic films are very thin. These plastics are used to package agricultural goods, prepared foods, and pharmaceutical products. Thicker film manufactured from LDPE sheets is used to package larger consumer items. Most toys, housewares, and hobby items are packaged in a thicker and more rigid type of LDPE plastic.

Having the ability to adjust the thickness and rigidity of a packaging material creates a lot of options for modern companies. LDPE sheets are a beneficial resource for manufacturers throughout the world. LDPE sheets are used to create many of the products and packaging materials people come into contact with each day. The lightweight and durable nature of LDPE plastics has helped them rise in popularity in the manufacturing industry.

LDPE sheets are known for being resistant to moisture, chemicals, and high temperatures, and the LDPE plastics manufactured from LDPE sheets retain these qualities as well. Contact a local LDPE sheet manufacturer to learn more.