3 Tips To Prevent Employee Theft Of Equipment In Your Factory

In your factory, you might have a whole lot of valuable equipment. One thing that you might worry about is the possibility of one of your employees stealing some of your equipment, which can obviously cost your company a whole lot of money. Employee theft can be a rampant problem in many different industries, but there are things that you can do to prevent it in the industrial sector. These are a few tips that can help.

1. Perform Background Checks on Employees

Some people might think that background checks aren't particularly important in a factory setting. After all, you don't work in an industry in which you have to send your employees to people's houses or when they will really have to work with the general public. However, even though this is true, you probably want to make sure that you hire employees who you can count on not to steal or be dishonest while working for your company. Even though background checks might not be 100 percent foolproof, they can help you weed out potential hires who might be more prone to theft.

2. Restrict Access

Anyone who works for your company should not be able to just walk into the areas where your most valuable equipment and tools are stored. Only those who need to have access to these areas in order to do their jobs should have access to their areas. Even then, you may want to use an access control system so that you can limit access only to hours when employees are working, and you may want to keep track of who has had access to the area, on what day and at what time. Then, you can help hold employees accountable for the equipment and tools that they have access to, which can help you cut down on a theft that a person might otherwise try to blame on others.

3. Use Security Cameras

Putting in security cameras in your factory can be a wise choice for a few reasons. This can help you encourage your employees to be productive, for one thing; after all, they might be more likely to do their jobs if they know that they can be monitored by management. Additionally, it can help you both prevent employees from being tempted to steal equipment and provide you with valuable information and evidence in the event that some of your equipment does end up missing.

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