Sprinklers And Water Restrictions: Essential Tips To Help Avoid Fines For Watering Landscaping

During the hottest heatwaves, water supplies become low. Sometimes, long summer droughts mean that water restrictions are put into effect. With modern controls for irrigation and changes for drought restrictions, it is easy to forget about setting the irrigation, which can lead to costly fines. With some improvements and simple practices, you can reduce your water consumption and avoid those water restriction fines. Here are some essential irrigation tips to avoid watering fines during summer droughts:

1. Updating Irrigation Controls with Network/Internet Connectivity

The older irrigation controls for sprinklers are basic times connected to manifolds. Today, there are more high-tech solutions for landscape irrigation controls. If you want to make sure your watering is done as efficiently as possible, have a control panel installed that can be connected to the Internet or a local network. The connected control panel will be able to get information like current water restrictions and water data to optimize watering and prevent you from getting fined during droughts.

2. Adding A Weather Station for Collecting Data for Smart Irrigation

A weather station is a great addition to landscaping irrigation systems. Irrigation weather stations not only collect weather information, but also will provide important information about the soil conditions. The information from the weather station can be shared with others, as well as get data like forecasts and predictions to help you with irrigation and caring for the plants in landscaping. Having your own weather station will also give you more accurate data for micro climates, which can be different than a general forecast from a meteorological service.

3. Water Collection and Drip Irrigation to Reduce Conventional Water Consumption

If you use your own water from rain collection or grey water recycling, you will be less likely to get fines. You will also want to use drip irrigation, which is the best choice for watering with rain barrels. If you have a vegetable garden, grey water is a good solution for your summer time watering needs. With grey water irrigation, you will need a minimal filtration system, which can be a basic sand filter that removes small particles from the water.

These are some essential tips that will help you avoid those costly watering fines during summer droughts with water restrictions. Contact a pipeline service such as Guildner Pipeline Maintenance to help with improvements to make your irrigation more efficient and avoid paying more when you find a fine on your door.