Package Deliveries: Gate Features & Accessories To Keep Packages Protected

The internet has really changed the way that people shop. If you enjoy getting packages delivered to your home, then you want to ensure that packages stay safe, even if you are having a gate installed. There are a number of different gate features and accessories that will make it easy to get your packages while ensuring that they not left vulnerable on your property. Learning about these features can help you make the best selection for your home needs.

Gate Access Panel

If you trust the delivery drivers in your area and have the same driver on a regular basis, then you can make it easy for the person to deliver packages at your home. When a gate is installed, you can also have an access panel added to the gate. This panel allows you to have a special code that is made just for deliveries. When the delivery service has the code, they can open the gate, deliver the package, and then allow the gate to shut behind them. This process makes it a lot easier to keep your packages on your property and ensure that they remain secure once the delivery driver leaves.

Internet-Enabled Gate Controls

You can operate and control your gates even if you are not home. If you are expecting a package delivery, you can get an instant notification when the gate doorbell is rung or the sensor panel is accessed. Then you can open the gate for the delivery driver and use built-in cameras to see the package get delivered. This is a quick way to offer gate access and check on the conditions of your package. Multiple members of your family can have access to these controls so that someone can quickly open the gate for the delivery driver if needed.

Parcel Drop Boxes

Blend the design of a gated entryway to your home with the installation of a parcel drop box. These drop boxes are essentially large versions of a mailbox. They feature a pull-down mechanism that allows packages to get inserted inside. Once the door shuts, the packages cannot be accessed by anyone else. When you are ready to get the packages, you can use a key to unlock the bottom of the drop box and grab the items that were delivered. This method allows the delivery driver to stay on the outside of your gate and still keep the packages safe. The drop box design can be purchased in aluminum and steel that matches the designs of many driveway gates.

Consider your best methods for choosing packages before selecting one or more of these options, such as from Incom Inc, for your home.