Tips for Maintaining Forklift Batteries

If your company uses a lot of forklifts, taking care of the batteries is important. This is because It can cost quite a bit if you have to replace the batteries often. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to keep the batteries maintained so they will last longer for you. Below is some more information about this so you can get started.

Wash the Batteries

You need to wash the batteries regularly. This involves removing acid that leaks out onto the surface of the battery and onto the battery terminals. This acid can cause a lot of damage and cause the batteries to fail prematurely. Wash the batteries every few months, or even once a month if you use the forklifts every day.

To accomplish this task, purchase battery washers. The washer is placed on the battery terminals and the dirty water is collected into a tank. You can reuse the water by purchasing a filtration system. The filter removes the heavy metals from the water and neutralizes the acid. You can then recycle the water back into the battery washer to wash your next battery. Never throw the water on the ground or down a drain as it will cause contamination.

There are washers that can wash several batteries at once to save you a lot of time. The washer will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

Charge and Recharge the Batteries Correctly

Your forklift batteries will last a long time but there are things you can do to shorten this time. One thing is how you recharge and charge the batteries.

Once you go through approximately 10 charging cycles, select the weekend charge option. This will help your batteries because it keeps the cell voltages in line and even. The battery charger you use should have this weekend option on it.

Charge the batteries at 80 percent depth of discharge. If you charge the batteries prior to this, you will reduce its life. Never overcharge the batteries. Your batteries may have a type of management system that will show you the percentage of the charge to prevent this from happening. Only charge the batteries in an area that is well ventilated.

Talk with a professional like those at U.S. Lift & Warehouse Equipment Inc about other things you can do to prolong the life of your forklift batteries. You can also ask about the benefits of purchasing used batteries.