How Soil Boring Is Used When Selecting A Well Construction Site

One of the purposes of soil boring is to find a good location for a well. Soil is excavated to a specific depth and is then tested to determine its characteristics. Usually, 30 to 42 inches of soil are tested. Soil boring is important because a well that is placed in the wrong location can produce water that is not safe to drink.

Convenience Shouldn't Be Your Only Consideration

A common reason for choosing one site over another when searching for the site of a new well is convenience. If the well happens to be located right outside the door of the property owner, this might not be realistic and it may instead be necessary to have a well selected based on hydrogeology. For example, for a well to be drilled in a particular area, the ground must be in a state where the drilling rig will be able to drill through the ground. Another important consideration is the distance between the well and potential sources of contamination.

Well Water And Waste Contamination

The well must be in a location that is far enough away from latrines that the well will not be contaminated by human waste. The well's suitability in relation to latrines is based on whether the groundwater is flowing to or from the latrine, how far away the latrine is from the water table, and the type of soil at the bottom of the latrine between the latrine and the water table.

Most of the contamination from the latrine will be removed from the water if there is clay, silt or sand at the bottom of the latrine. The father the distance between the latrine and the well, the more waste that will not make its way to the well.

Given that water flows downhill, the general rule of thumb is to select a location for your well that is on higher ground. However, given that there are many factors that can influence the suitability of a location for a well, always use a soil boring test first before digging a well.

Don't Forget Local Regulations

In addition to general guidelines, there might be specific state and local requirements that could lead to restrictions regarding where a well can be placed, so make sure that you consult with a local regulatory agency to verify that you will be allowed to place a well in a particular location.

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