When You're Setting Up A New Sound System, Keep These Two Things In Mind

Getting a new sound system can give you the thrilling experience of hearing your favorite music, films and tv shows. However, in order to ensure that you don't disturb the people around you, it might be a good idea to keep the following two things in mind.

Sound Waves Travel

Sound waves behave in a similar fashion to waves of water; when they come out of the speaker, they can hit the walls, furniture and floor and bounce around a little as well. This can lead to a lot of noise that can make other family members or apartment dwellers become angry with you. To dampen the sound by interrupting sound waves, be sure that any room where you plan to be turning up the volume has carpets, curtains and other things that can interrupt those sound waves as they come out of the speakers. That way, sound will be less likely to disturb others.

It's also important to remember that some sounds can affect others because of their positioning. if you put bass speakers right up against the wall, the person on the other side of those speakers is more than likely going to be able to hear thumping on their walls. Do your best to pull speakers away from the walls and mount them on crates or stands so that they don't cause the floors and walls to shake.

Your Hearing May Need to Be Checked

It is important to realize that what may seem like a normal volume to you might not be normal for other people. If you find that you are always turning up the radio and television, and others complain about the volume of your media before your new system is even installed, your hearing might be the culprit.

To know for sure, go to your primary care doctor and get a referral to an audiologist who can perform various hearing tests. Until your appointment, ask a few different friends or family members to turn the volume of the tv or radio to what they consider a "normal" level. The volume might be lower than what you would usually choose, but you can get an idea of how loud it must be for others when you watch the television or listen to music.

Ask the sound system installation company if they have additional advice for you. They may recommend additional sound dampening materials that will ensure that your great sound doesn't disturb others.