Using Products With An Imprinted Logo For Marketing

Having products with an imprinted logo can be a great way to get your name and other information in front of people's eyes. The best kinds of products to have an imprinted logo are items that are used on a daily or at least regular basis. The best example of this is a pen, but other items such as mouse pads, coffee mugs, golf balls, shot glasses, paperweights and many others will also serve the same purpose. Many times, when a company chooses to use products imprinted with their logo for advertising, they give the products away. Giving a pen to a potential client is a cheap and easy way for them to remember you, while you may want to give them a coffee mug when the sign up of services to remind them of you. The simplest and most effective thing to imprint on a pen or other product is the company logo, name, and phone number. Research has shown that many people have needed a service and remembered a company because of a pen they received, and had the ability to call them because the number was printed right on the pen. Whatever product you use, make sure it is not something that will simply be put in a drawer out of sight, which would defeat the purpose. Share